Books and Didactic Toys = Parents with More Choice

Project goal

The goal of the project is to establish “Didactoteka” and enable children with developmental disabilities, their parents, teaching assistants, teachers, and specialized instructional support personnel to have access to didactic material and professional literature, which is necessary in the most important phase of child development. This project would intensify the individual parent-child work of at home with expert counseling by therapists.

Funding Required

10.027,00 BAM 


A large number of children with developmental disabilities, together with their parents, spend a large part of their childhood in hospital treatments and in the Center for Mental Health in the Brčko District BiH. Due to the increased costs of care and services needed by children with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, as well as entire families with children with disabilities, are at risk of poverty. There are numerous difficulties related to the lack of funds for certain didactic aids. Due to the lack of assistance from state institutions to families, such aids are usually not available to children with disabilities.


The procurement of didactic material would enable equal access to resources for both children with difficulties and their parents, and specialized instructional support personnel from the Brčko District of BiH. With an online file with a detailed description and instructions for the correct therapeutic use of didactic material, parents could work independently on their children’s development. Timely counseling and support, especially for parents, greatly reduce parental worries and stress. This specialized cabinet would operate as a library where parents would receive a recommendation for didactic material and literature upon personal request or after a conversation with a therapist. The quality of life of at least 30 children with developmental disabilities and their parents will be significantly improved.

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Long-term impact/results

Let’s unlock the door to a better future!

By implementing this extremely important project, we will contribute to changing the quality of life of children with developmental disabilities, their parents and guardians.

But that’s just the beginning. This project will also provide a unique opportunity for continuous training of teachers, assistants, specialized instructional support personnel and all those who are dedicated to this selfless mission. Through consulting and using the resources of a specialized cabinet, we will open the door to immense potential.

This initiative will not only support current needs, but will also lay the foundation for sustainable progress, creating space for continued growth and development. United in purpose, we create a world where every child has the right to shine, and love and support become inexhaustible sources of strength. May this vision inspire and open new chapters of hope and opportunity for us all.

The campaign is implemented with the support of the Tuzla Community Foundation within the framework of the USAID activity #The power of the local – Our community is our responsibility.