Foundation "LAILA"

The Foundation aims to improve the integration and equal right of a child with Down syndrome as well as a child with “special needs”

The Foundation “LAILA” was established and registered in June 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Mesalic family with Mr. Edzevit Mesalic as the founder.
Inspired by the birth of their second daughter, Laila, who has Down Syndrome and who, in Australia has experienced the benefits of expert and early medical intervention, The Foundation “LAILA” wants to ensure that all children with Down Syndrome and other diagnosed “special needs” have access to the same supportive, well resourced intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Board of The Foundation “LAILA” is working at local and regional level in situ in order to build partnerships with local educational medical and therapeutic entities Government and Non Government, as well as including the parents and families of Children with Down Syndrome. The intention of the Foundation is NOT to replicate existing service provision but is to identify needs of children and their families. Should there be gaps in services, no services at all or inadequate services, the Foundation with raise funds and seek Grants to meet these needs.


The objectives of the Foundation are built on the belief that ALL children have the right to an appropriate education, to medical treatments and allied therapies, to social and recreational opportunities so that they grow up healthy and strong with full Access to Equity and Participation in the society in which they live.


The work of The LAILA Foundation will seek to develop, in partnership with Universities, hospitals, schools, neighbourhoods, and families BEST PRACTICE models of service for children with Down Syndrome and “other special needs” in Bosnia and Herzegovina starting at local and district level.  Funds to support the work of the Foundation will be raised through donations, grants and philanthropic bequests.


All monies will be receipted, accounted for and spent on projects that have a direct positive impact on the children and their families.
All compliance requests of the authority that registered this Foundation will be met. All Board members’ names, minutes of meetings and financial statements will become public documents.
Through Social media and excellent communication technologies, all aspects of the work of The LALIA Foundation can be shared, even world-wide.  Inspired by Laila, now 7 years old, the Foundation in her name is looking to a bright future for ALL children but especially those with diagnosed and identified learning and social needs as they will be supported and encouraged to develop their POTENTIAL.